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Lasers & LiDAR

Our laser and lidar technology is used for a lot of applications, ranging from underwater imaging to aerosol and gas measurements in the atmosphere

Laser technology

Laser technology has been the basis for NEO since its start in 1985.  In particular, lasers have been used for gas analysis (TDLAS), for lidar instruments and for underwater imaging and ranging systems. 

The process indusrty gas monitoring business in NEO Monitors has been sold off, but NEO is still involved in gas analysis using lasers for medical and packaging applications.  

Through our partner and associated Swedish company Gasporox AB, NEO is delivering analysers for headspace analysis and leak detection of packages. Gasporox' technology is based on optical spectroscopy using low-power diode lasers. The gas is sensed by sending laser light through the sample, probing the gas content without affecting the sample. The technology is applicable for gas in the headspace of a MAP (Modified Atmosphere Package) package, for gases inside porous materials, or for analysing gases in cavities inside the human body. The latter is done by GPX Medical AB, a joint venture between Gasporox and NEO. Gasporox also deliver products for leak detection.