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Hyperspectral Research and Development Activities

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The development of hyperspectral imaging systems at NEO started in 1995 when the company was contracted by the European Space Agency (ESA) to perform a two-year definition study of a Hyperspectral Imager for Small Satellites (HISS), covering the spectral range from 400nm to 2500nm. As ESA did not have any immediate plans for launching a small satellite carrying a hyperspectral instrument at that time, it was decided use the experience gained from the HISS study to develop a hyperspectral camera for airborne applications, ASI (Airborne Spectral Imager). The first prototype was realized in 1998-99.

In 2001, a cooperation with the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) was initiated, a cooperation which is still ongoing. In the framework of this cooperation, the ASI camera participated in a multinational military measurement campaign in France in 2002. An upgraded version of the instrument was flown in 2003 and 2004 in different multinational military field trials. In 2004, airborne hyperspectral data were also acquired for several civilian research institutions, such as the Norwegian Crop Research Institute, the Norwegian Forest Research Institute, and the Norwegian Space Centre. The cooperation with these institutions was continued in 2005 when a further upgraded version of the instrument was flown successfully, including a hyperspectral camera module covering the SWIR region (900 to 1700nm), in addition to the visible and Near Infrared region (400 to 1000nm). Hyperspectral data acquired in these campaigns is a vital part of the remote sensing activities in all these institutions. The feedback from the end users, and the operational experience from airborne data acquisition has provided very useful input to our R&D activities related to improving the hyperspectral cameras, as well as the airborne system (including IMU/GPS) and the practical operation of hyperspectral cameras.

NEO has since 2003 also been engaged in a defense research project called HYPOLAC (Hyperspectral Polarimetric Active and Passive Imaging) which is a cooperation with several French institutions (Thales Research & Technology, Thales Optronique SA and The Fresnel Institute at the University of Marseille) with NEO as the prime contractor. The goal of this project has been to realize a technology demonstrator of an active multispectral polarimetric imager. This is a very advanced instrument using a multiwavelength laser source for illumination of the scene and a modified version of NEOs hyperspectral camera on the receiver side. Beside the use of NEO's imaging spectrometer on the receiver side of the active instrument, passive hyperspectral data from the ASI/HySpex spectrometers were used to select the appropriate wavelengths for the active instrument. This project has been a technological success, and will be completed in 2006. Additionally, in 2004 a cooperation was contracted by the Norwegian Institute for Fish Research to develop a hyperspectral camera suited for online industrial inspection of fish fillets. Experience from this project is useful when implementing our industrial hyperspectral cameras in industrial applications.

All the research activities from HISS via ASI, civil and military airborne campaigns and HYPOLAC and industrial projects have led to the development of a line of hyperspectral cameras (HySpex) which is well suited for a wide variety of applications in both the civilian and military domain.

NEO is currently participating in several application specific R&D projects and project proposals in cooperation with several leading research institutions in their respective fields. This includes projects in application fields ranging from airborne military target detection, airborne remote sensing of forests and farmlands, to industrial quality control, biophysics, forensics and fluorescent imaging spectroscopy. Our involvement ranges from being a full project partner to supplying instruments or data acquisition services as subcontractors to projects.

We are constantly looking for new R&D projects and partners, so please contact us to discuss with your imaging spectroscopy needs or ideas.

Cooperation Partners

NEO is participating in a wide range of R&D projects, and some of the institutions that we cooperate with within the field of hyperspectral imaging are listed below:
  • Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
  • Norwegian Crop Research Institute (Planteforsk)
  • Norwegian Forest Research Institute (Skogforsk)
  • Norwegian Space Center (Norsk Romsenter)
  • Norwegian Fish Research Institute (Fiskeriforskning)
  • University of Palermo
  • University College London
  • University of Marseille/Institut Fresnel
  • University of Zurich - Remote Sensing Labs
  • ReSe-Remote Sensing Applications
  • Research Systems Inc
  • Terranor
  • Terratec AS
  • Thales Research & Technology
  • Thales Optronique SA

Hyper-I-Net Participation

The Hyperspectral Imaging Network (HYPER-I-NET) is a four-year (2007-2010) FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Network designed to build an interdisciplinary European research community focusing on hyperspectral imaging activities, mainly in remote sensing. NEO is one of 15 highly experienced European partner institutions forming the Hyper-I-Net consortium. See for more information.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a cooperating with us in the field of hyperspectral imaging, we have long a good experience as participants in demanding R&D projects.


Below is a list of publications based on hyperspectral data from the HySpex cameras. Note that in some articles, it is referred to the ASI instrument (Airborne Spectral Imager), which was the previous working name for the HySpex cameras.

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Solberg, S. 2006. "Remote sensing of forest health." Proceedings of SNS meeting in forest pathology, Norway, September 2005. In press.

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