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HyperSpectral Imaging

Optopig Pipeline Inspection Tool

Brief Description

Optopig is an optical inspetion tool mainly for inspection of natural gas pipelines. The optopig tool gives both images and 3D information of the pipe and the inner pipe surface i.e., you can both measure the depth of a cavity as well as see how it looks. The interpretation of the findings will therefore be easier than interpretation of data from traditional MFL and ultra sound testing devices.

The imaging resolution is typically 1 X 1 mm. The minimum metal loss depth that can be detected is 1 mm over an area of 5 X 5 mm. The system will withstand pressures up to more than 200 bars. The maximum inspection speed while maintaining 1 mm longitudinal resolution is 5 m/s.

Optopig Advantages

  • Easy interpretation of the data: "What you see is what you have..."
  • Synchronised images and profiles (3D data) from all parts of the pipe
  • Inspection speed not limited by inspection technology (no currents induced in the pipe that influences the measurements, ref. MFL). Gas production can be maintained at a higher level.
  • Contact less technology
    • no sensor lift off (ref. MFL)
    • no damages induced by the "brushes" (ref. MFL)
    • no need for a coupling fluid (ref. ultra sound devices)
  • Multidimensional capability built in, can cover 16-42", 10-20"
  • No problems with remanent magnetisation
  • When valid data exists there is no question about how to interpret the signal from a detected cavity
  • The actual radius at the location is measured, and not the relative depth of a cavity in a sediment in the pipe
  • No influence from the properties of the material (like different permeability for different alloys)
  • Works perfectly well on non magnetic pipes
  • Typically lower weight of tool (76 kg) and complete unit with carrier (1.3 tons @ 42", ref MFL 6.7 tons)
  • Use of automatic image processing and pipe feature classification systems possible (under development)
  • No need for an umbilical, i.e. an autonomous system


  • Will not measure cavities on the outside of the pipe
  • Will only depict and measure pipe features visible on the surface
  • Requires optical transmission through fluid (a certain level of visibility)

Picture of the Optopig tool

The picture above shows the Optopig tool mounted in a carrier for 42 inch pipelines.

Pipeline Dimensions Covered

The Optopig inspection tools cover dimensions from 10 to 42 inches. The available carriers cover 10-16, 18-24 inches as well as 40/42 inches.

More Information

More Optopig information can be found on the optopig web pages or under the [research]-[pipeline]-[optopig] section of this web site.

The Optopig technology is protected by patents and patent applications world wide.

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